Our Mission

The mission of every church is to glorify God and make disciples.  Another way to look at it is, the church does not have a mission, God's mission has a church.  Each church does have to identify how to best accomplish this end.  We have identified our strategy for the mission and we have put it into three words . . .


BELIEVE describes a growing commitment to know, trust, and love Jesus more everyday.  A weekly environment where this is emphasized is Sunday morning worship.  This is where your head (mind) is engaged with biblical messages and focused worship.  This is the power of God (the gospel) working in us. 

  • ACTION STEP: Make it a priority to pray for and attend the Sunday worship gathering, making it the best experience possible for everyone.

BELONG describes a growing commitment to love your church family.  The main environment for this is LIFE Group.  These are small groups of people who gather regularly to unpack the Word of God as they develop into a strong community of good friends engaging the heartThis is the power of God (the gospel) working among us.  

  • ACTION STEP: Join or start a Life Group.

BLESS describes a growing commitment to love others by seeing them, serving them, and sharing with them.  Here your hands are engaged in personal and practical expressions of Jesus' love.  This is the power of God (the gospel) working through us.  

  • ACTION STEP:  Pray for someone who is far from God asking God to help you see them with His eyes, and serve them with His resources, and share with them words of His love.