LHC Family, 

As we continue to navigate these ever-changing times, we believe now more than ever, we have to continue being the church! Here are a few ways we are continuing to Gather, Grow, Give, and Go TOGETHER!

WEEKDAYS LIVE @ NOON: Facebook & Libertyheights.org 
MONDAY: Kids Club with LHC Kids Ministry
TUESDAY: Prayer & Biblical Counseling with Pastor Scott
WEDNESDAY: Midweek Devotional with Pastor Brad
THURSDAY: Worship with Pastor Kyle 
FRIDAY: Weekly Update with Pastor Chris 

We will continue to GATHER for worship and a message from one of our pastors every Sunday at 11 AM. Join us LIVE on Facebookor libertyheights.org. 

COMMUNITY AND CORE GROUPS: Our groups are continuing to meet through video chat. Reach out to your group leader for updates on how and when your group is meeting.  
WANT TO GET CONNECTED TO A GROUP? Let us help you find one! We need each other during this time! Visit LHC.LIFE/GROUPS to find a group TODAY!
*Our Biblical Counselors are also available. If you need someone to walk with you through this time, visit LHC.LIFE/COUNSELING, and let us partner with you.

We have a unique opportunity during this time to demonstrate the Gospel by modeling a heart filled with peace and not ruled by fear. Continue to look for opportunities to meet the spiritual and practical needs of those around us. Reach out to your neighbors, check-in on our senior adults or partner with Middletown Schools to provide food to their students. Find out more about all these opportunities at LHC.LIFE/FOROURNEIGHBORS.

Continue to connect with us and stay up-to-date on social media. Follow Liberty Heights on Facebook and Instagram and join your Campus Facebook Group. If you have a child [birth through 12th grade], join our Family Ministries Facebook Groups. Stay connected, Church! We aren't gathering in person right now, but that does not mean we stop gathering. It just looks a little different right now!